Planetary gearboxes are applied in any mechanical drives with servomotor or stepping motor and requirements of high torque density specified in alignment with low torsional backlash. There is wide range of commercial and technical applications for these gearboxes. Maximum precision along with exceptional torque density, are the main prerequisite specified for reliable servo gearboxes in use.
Speed, torque, torsional strength, torsional backlash and ratio – the VGM portfolio is inclusive of solutions for every performance requirement.

Our servo gearboxes are applicable in the most diverse industries. VGM offers servo gearboxes for all applications and best performance range.

Based on your application or the desired motor, a suitable gearbox can be selected from our range and technical alignment can be done quickly. You can always send us a request for quotation directly online.
MF-H Series
MF-X Series
MF-S Series
P Series (PG / PF / PX)
MFL Series
MFT Series