About Us
VIGOR GEAR MACHINERY founded in 1990, started up with the worm gear.
In 1997, we developed the first planetary gearbox in Taiwan. VGM took step into the high-precision planetary gearboxes for servomotors which meets the advancement of the industry.

VGM Brand, now “VIGOR GEAR MACHINERY” accumulated more than 20 years’experience of producing planetary reducer in Taiwan. We have strong in-house R&D team for the continuous innovation and development of products; can design and manufacture products with high accuracy to suit customer requirements.
Consistent focus on Research & Development and Production
Controlled movement with the maximum precision – has been the driving force of VGM for over 30 years now. Strong determination has made us the best technology and quality.
Our expertise in research and development is clearly displayed in our products: from low-backlash planetary gearboxes through servo gearboxes.
Our gearbox in use more than 30 countries around the world in industries like – textile machines, food and packaging machines, machine tools and production systems, wood processing machines, automation, robotics and handling technologies.

Two of our manufacturing facilities were merged into one.

Started the VGM Sales Office in Dongguan city, China. JU-DONG TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.

Expansion of Plant II in Taichung City, Taiwan. Manufactured high precision planter gear reducer.

Developed low back lash planetary gearboxes of MF-X series.

Expansion of Plant I – (KJP) KOJIN PRECISION INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. in Taichung City, Taiwan.

Manufactured high precision planter gear reducer.

Established the VGM Sales Office in Taipei city, Taiwan.

Designed and manufactured economy type planetary gearboxes of PG series for stepper motors.

Production program completely shifted from worm gear motor to planetary gear reducer.

Started manufacturing planetary gear reducer at larger scale and volume.

VGM designed and manufactured “the first” planetary gear reducer of Taiwan for servo motor of the MF series.

(VGM) VIGOR GEAR MACHINE Co., Ltd. was previously known as CHUAN-QI Co., Ltd. Beginning with production of worm gear.