VGM is engaged in the manufacturing of various range of planetary reducers or gearbox. The R & D team has over 30 years of gearbox designing & developing experience, specializing in mechatronic applications and high precision control.

With 1000-square-meter factory area and constant increase in the number of CNC milling machines, three-shift production lines and two shift turning and milling machine tools we have progressed consistently.

Comprehensive quality inspection equipment such as tooth profile inspection equipment, three-dimensional inspection, backlash, maximum invalid stroke, torsional rigidity, noise and vibration measurement equipment, etc., and outsourcing suppliers with long-term cooperation and regular audits, we are always prepared to take large volume of orders at any time, maintaining the consistent quality.

The incoming materials pass through very strict inspection measures to ensure the material quality before entering the processing stage. To ensure, each part is exactly as per the drawings, it must pass through the three-dimensional detector. 100% inspection clearance is in the accurate range before entering the assembly line.

When each reducer is assembled, it must pass various inspections, including back system, noise, temperature, vibration and other tests. The product can only be packaged and shipped with quality assurance after passing all quality inspections.